Stephen Campolo Launches Virtual Fitness Program To Help You Stay Healthy During Quarantine

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2020 / Stephen Campolo has learned a thing or two about staying in top performance mode. During the COVID 19 quarantine, Stephen launched a 12-week “fat to fit” summer transformation program to help people stuck at home to perform at their peak physical state. Stephen is a former fat kid turned weight-loss expert, fitness author, and personal nutrition and strength coach for some of the top CEOs and executives in the nation. “Being overweight crippled my self-esteem and confidence. This affected every area of my life: my love life, my happiness, my mindset. I didn’t want to be noticed or looked at. I wanted to remain in the shadows of life, completely hidden.” Over a transformative period of 15 years, Stephen was finally able to shed that weight.

The 12-week Shredded for Summer Transformation course is designed to help you shred fat and gain lean muscle. With Stephen, it only takes 45 minutes per day (or less) and four days a week TOTAL. For anybody trying to lose weight, conformability is your number one enemy. When you start using his program, you’ll start losing fat faster and easier than anything you’ve EVER tried.

It wasn’t always easy for Stephen, formally over 300 lbs, Stephen has tested and tried everything in the book from A to Z when it comes to weight loss. That was until he developed his own system. A system that went outside the norm and disrupted the entire industry. His specifically designed workouts will help you burn fat while gaining muscle at the same time. The exercises are fast but extremely effective.

Most personal trainers cost around $250 a week for three sessions if they are any good, but MOST trainers don’t know his methods. The worst part is, they put their clients through the same old, rehashed workout methods that just don’t work. As a result, they’re back at square one…and this time, they blame themselves. They figured they used a trainer and still didn’t get the results they wanted, so they feel that they’re just STUCK with that overweight body for good. This is why he launched the virtual fitness program and developed this course.

When it comes to building muscle and burning maximum body fat, you need to make sure you are eating and training for your specific body type. There are three body types you can have, mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorph. Once you understand your body type, you can formulate a game to plan to work with your hormonal profile, to maximize fat burning while building muscle. BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE using a scientifically proven method to activate your “fat-burning hormones” and turn off your “fat storage hormones.”

Stephen Campolo has helped hundreds lead the way to a new life of health. In today’s world, “health is wealth”, and we believe Stephen is a perfect embodiment of this expression.

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