U.S. District Court Rules in Favor of Park Assist in Patent Case Vs. San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–United States District Judge, Honorable Roger T. Benitez, issued an Order this week ruling in Park Assist’s favor by denying San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s (“Airport”) motion to dismiss Park Assist’s patent infringement action against the Airport.


The Order stems from Park Assist’s suit against the Airport and Ace Parking Management, Inc. (“Ace”) for infringement of Park Assist’s U.S. Patent 9,594,956 directed to a method and system for managing a parking lot based on intelligent imaging (“’956 Patent”). After Park Assist initiated the infringement action against the Airport, the Airport moved to dismiss Park Assist’s case by attacking the patent’s validity on grounds that the patent claims were allegedly abstract and not directed to patentable subject matter.

In rejecting the Airport’s arguments, the Court noted:

“As Park Assist correctly argues, the ‘956 Patent’s claims are not abstract because they are directed to specific improvements to known parking guidance systems.”

“The described improvements to prior art parking guidance systems – the improved GUI, correcting algorithm, and collocated imaging/indicator structure – adequately demonstrate that the ‘956 Patent’s claims are patent-eligible under step one of Alice.”

“Here, considering the claims’ character as a whole, in light of the specification, the claims are directed to improving known parking guidance technology through an improved parking guidance system, comprised of components including a novel GUI, a self-modifying classification algorithm that allows the parking system to adapt and learn from past errors to improve detection accuracy, and a collocated imaging/indicator structure.”

“Accordingly, because the ‘956 Patent’s claims are directed to ‘a specific means or method’ for improving parking guidance system technology, rather than simply directed to an abstract end-result, the claims pass muster under step one of Alice. The Court ‘need not proceed to step two’ of the Alice test, as it finds the ‘956 Patent’s claims are not directed to an abstract idea.”

With the Court’s Order now rejecting the Airport’s arguments, the infringement action against the Airport and Ace Parking can now proceed.

About Park Assist:

Pioneers of camera-based parking guidance and PGS systems with core business intelligence, Park Assist continues to enhance its patented, proprietary technology through leading-edge product innovations and robust API-driven solutions. With nine strategically located offices across the globe, the company serves many of the world’s premier property developers and operators. the latest example of the data-driven explorations that inform the cutting-edge innovations and proven solutions we continue to bring to the marketplace.

For more information, please visit: www.parkassist.com


Katie Rodenhiser

Marketing Manager


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