Fidlo International Limited Reports on Its Successes of 2019 Q1

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2019 / Today’s financial markets are increasingly volatile and complex, making sustained profits difficult for many investors and firms. Thanks to an experienced team of expert advisers and analysts supported by innovative technological solutions, Fidlo International Limited, a regulated UK-based investment broker, has experienced a successful Q1 for the 2019 fiscal year that is widely attributed to an expanding presence in the CFD market, along with a continuously growing volume of transactions. According to their annual reports, after closing the previous year’s high trading volume with a positive balance, the company’s handling of positions in the market was approximately 1,182,539.00 following the first quarter of 2019, generating significant profit.

Fidlo International Limited’s ongoing success can be attributed to a combination of investment management expertise, technological know-how, commitment to individual customer needs, and a sharp focus on security. Each day, the broker implements initiatives to strengthen the competitiveness of its products and services for a wide range of financial investments – often in the form of advanced technical analysis and statistical modeling of trading strategies. Furthermore, it has established commercial alliances with international companies over the last decade, with an operating presence on five continents for the last 18 years.

While markets have generally been on a global upswing in recent years, apprehensions of a downtrend may be building because of certain socioeconomic and political strains among key sectors and trade partners. “We have valid concerns about a recession, as macroeconomic data-along with the ongoing US-China trade war-have generated several alarms and historic indicators that raise red flags,” says Jeff Brown, chief of operations at Fidlo International Limited. “Due to the weakening of the financial industry and also of car sales, we forecast a 29% chance of a recession in the United States by 2020,” Brown continued.

Despite rising fears of recession in many key international markets, Fidlo International Limited remains in a position of sustained profits over the short and long terms. This advantage is largely due to the versatility of the company’s financial experts, along with diversification within its vast portfolio of investments that allows for hedging as needed.

“Our investment dynamic is simple and effective regardless of market positions,” Brown said. “Since our inception, we have constantly strived to improve our worldwide reputation as a leader in CFDs by providing a reliable, customer-oriented environment, designed on sophisticated platforms – and with the necessary regulations.” By leveraging their expertise in CFDs alongside precise trade executions and an increasingly diverse portfolio, the brokerage firm remains poised for even greater profits by the end of Q2.

Incorporated in the UK, and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the British Virgin Island Financial Services Commission, Fidlo International Limited is committed to helping its clients maximize their investment returns, with unwavering consideration towards individual goals and risk tolerance. By using advanced technological solutions, modern statistical analysis, and an experienced team of market experts, the company offers opportunities for trading in stocks, CFDs, and other financial instruments.

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