Summer of Celebration: Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. Celebrates Ten Years and Its 500th Project

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. (SMM), one of the nation’s leaders in custom commercial modular construction and design, is celebrating two major milestones: its tenth anniversary as a leader in the modular construction world, and its 500th client job — a partnership with Kentucky-based architecture firm Swift & Staley Inc.

“We’re growing faster than we ever have,” says Brian Schaefer, SMM’s President. “If you look at the time spent to get from 0 to 100 jobs, it happened probably within a span of about three years. Now, if you look at jobs 400 to 500, it was closer to 14 months. That’s the part of our story that’s pretty cool: the velocity of the amount of projects, winning so much so quickly.

Ten years on, SMM is thriving. Schaefer still remembers all of the details of project No. 1, for the Wade County School District in North Carolina. “It was a lease for us. Those modular units are at different locations now, obviously, but I still see them all the time.”

Unique positioning within modular construction

The fact that those first units are still around is a testament to both their built-to-last construction, and to one of SMM’s unique positions: renting previously leased buildings, in addition to custom builds. Leasing offers a quick and affordable solution for customers that don’t need custom builds.

In addition to leasing, SMM stands out for its ability to finance challenging projects. Whereas most modular companies would rather finance a simple classroom, SMM can customize features, such as a science lab, or complex HVAC system. Only a handful of modular construction companies in the nation offer this service, and SMM is one of the best known.

Finally, SMM offers turn-key services when it comes to major projects. From the dirt work and concrete up to the building’s finishing details, SMM is capable of managing anything associated with the building that makes it functional, and customizing it to the client’s satisfaction.

Job No. 500

Many of SMM’s unique strengths will feature in its 500th project, for Kentucky-based architecture firm Swift & Staley Inc. The project is in partnership with the Department of Energy, with which SMM has maintained a relationship going back five years. In spite of a challenging site working within Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, SMM has risen to the challenge and proposed winning solutions to meet on-site HVAC system needs. The project kicked off on June 16, 2019.


About SMM

Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. (SMM) provides custom commercial modular construction and design. SMM, as a modular building supplier and general contractor, has delivered new and used modular buildings including portable classrooms, medical clinics, healthcare buildings, and modular offices throughout the United States and Canada. We provide project management, modular manufacturing, delivery, installation, site construction, building maintenance and facility management, as well as capital leasing for modular buildings in the government, healthcare, education, energy, and commercial industries. SMM is a Cambium United Company.


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