Rising Biosciences Inc. Announces CBD Only Variant of Cannophen(TM) Begins Pilot Production Run, Coming to Market Soon

SANDUSKY, OH / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2019 / Rising Biosciences, Inc. (OTC Pink: RBII) (“Rising Biosciences” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that a CBD only variant of Cannophen™ Capsules and Vape Cartridges has entered into an initial production run.

Cannophen™ is Rising Biosciences’ flagship product. Cannophen™ oral capsules and vape cartridges have been developed using strict standards set forward by the pharmaceutical compounding industry. Cannophen ™ features an alternative delivery system for rapid reception of the full metabolic benefits of beneficial compounds derived from the hemp plant. On June 8th of this year, the Company debuted Cannophen™ capsules and vape cartridges featuring 1 to 1 CBD and THC distillates at the High Times Cannabis Cup, Michigan, to an enthusiastic industry reception.

“I am thrilled that we can now launch our CBD only variant of Cannophen™,” exclaimed Art Hall, CEO of Rising Biosciences. “This is the same premium Cannophen™ that we debuted in June, with the full spectrum of CBD distillates engineered to be rapidly bioactivated by the body, only this variant is non-THC.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychogenic distillate derived from the stalks of the hemp plant. Mainstream consumers worldwide are increasingly becoming avid enthusiasts of the health and wellness benefits of CBD with sales of products containing the compound projected to exceed $5 Billion in 2019. The new CBD-only variant of Cannophen™ leverages unique opportunities for Rising Biosciences in two arenas:

1) CBD-only Cannophen™ is less encumbered by strict guidelines governing the distribution of products which contain THC. The Company can broaden its distribution footprint with fewer regulatory “pit-stops” along the way to reaching the deepest possible target market. Adding a CBD only product grants access to a global mainstream market demand that is growing in exponential fashion with no signs of slowing in the near-term future, according to many analysts. The Company will be able to deploy a deeper arsenal of marketing and distribution solutions for a CBD only product, including avenues such as online sales platforms.

2) Additionally, the CBD only Cannophen™ variant dovetails neatly with the segment of Rising Biosciences’ business model specializing in physician and behavioral health facilities management for the treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Growing numbers of clinical studies suggest that there is untapped potential in CBD as a treatment for a broad range of ailments from chronic anxiety to substance abuse disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental health illness in the USA today, affecting more than 40 million adults. Globally, the anxiety and depression treatment market has been valued at over $15 billion. Perhaps most promising, however, are the results from recent studies indicating that CBD may be a highly effective treatment for opioid use disorder. Initial results seem to indicate that CBD could change the face of opioid addiction treatment, succeeding where other conventional therapies have had mixed results.

“We are nearing the final stages of releasing CBD only Cannophen ™ for distribution,” Stated Mr. Hall, “I have just received the UPC symbols for both the oral capsules and vape cartridges for our CBD only variant of Cannophen ™ . The first production run is done and initial samples are being sent to the lab for testing. Our debut run back in June tested at a full 25mg CBD per capsule, so we anticipate similar results for this batch of our CBD only variant. We are highly gratified to announce that CBD only Cannophen ™ will be coming to the market soon, both for what it will mean for our shareholders and for how it will advance our purpose in combating the opioid crisis in the Midwest and beyond. At the Rising Biosciences offices, we have been buzzing like a beehive in recent days working on new developments. We anticipate releasing more great news very soon. Please check out and follow our new Twitter account: https://twitter.com/RisingBioscien1” About Rising Biosciences, Inc.

About Rising Biosciences Inc. –

RBII operates three distinct business units. The first business unit is a physicians’ practice management company focused on the proper use of cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain, opioid addiction, and terminal patients. The second business unit is a research and development company focusing on oral and topical pharmaceuticals within the strict standards set forward by the pharmaceutical compounding industry and the FDA. The third business unit offers cutting edge behavioral health medical treatment for substance addiction from branches throughout the Midwest.

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