LiquidApps Introduces LiquidLink Interoperability Solution, Connecting Ethereum and EOS Networks

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2019 / LiquidApps is delighted to introduce the proof of concept for LiquidLink, an interoperability solution connecting Ethereum and EOS blockchains. This critical step creates the potential for decentralized application developers to leverage the combined benefits of both blockchains. LiquidLink is based on the DAPP Network, a trustless second-layer on which developers can access a host of scaling services.

About LiquidLink

LiquidLink is a fully decentralized, two-way cross-blockchain communication solution which allows developers to blend independent blockchains together when building applications. Whereas many existing interoperability solutions require their own blockchain in order to operate, LiquidLink sits on top of these base-layer blockchains (currently EOS and ETH) and bridges between them to allow for the trustless transfer of rich data sets and resources (tokens included.) This opens up the possibility for developers to build decentralized multi-chain applications that harness the respective strengths of both blockchains. For example, applications could utilize the proven processing capabilities of EOS in order to facilitate a computationally-intensive Ethereum transaction, reducing the cost of gas fees.

LiquidApps previously launched LiquidOracles, a web oracle service on the DAPP Network that enables developers to source external data in a trustless fashion from within their EOS applications. LiquidLink is a powerful extension of this feature, enabling blockchains to interact not only with external sources, but with other blockchains as well without introducing any additional trust into the system.

Speaking about the introduction of the LiquidLink solution, LiquidApps CEO Beni Hakak stated:

“The capacity to move value and data seamlessly across blockchains will enable each chain to focus on their core competencies and connect together to form multi-chain applications. These will boost the value of both individual networks and an integrated ecosystem as a whole. The game is on. We can start playing.”

The Best of All Worlds

At the heart of the DAPP Network are the DAPP Service Providers, which offer customized service packages to dApp developers. DSPs design their service packages by selecting from a range of LiquidApps products – such as LiquidOracles, LiquidAccounts and vRAM – and choosing the terms and conditions under which they wish to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to dApp developers. With the introduction of LiquidLink, DSPs can now offer services that connect Ethereum and EOS.

LiquidApps has issued a short video showcasing LiquidLink’s functionality in action.

Developers have the opportunity to select any combination and number of DSPs, depending on the requirements of their dApp, which now includes incorporating elements from different blockchain platforms.

Ethereum developers have long struggled with the network’s scalability issues. EOS overcomes this challenge by offering quicker and cheaper transactions but has been criticized for its lack of decentralization.

With LiquidLink, developers could build their dApp in such a way that computation is performed quickly and cost-effectively on EOS, but subsequently verified on Ethereum. By allowing developers to offload computationally-intensive processes to the EOS blockchain, LiquidLink could potentially enhance Ethereum with additional scalability.

The introduction of LiquidLink represents a critical milestone in the journey towards expanding the DAPP Network across a range of different blockchains. Popular dApps, from social media applications to peer-to-peer messaging platforms and crowdsourcing marketplaces are already using the DAPP Network to scale their offering.

LiquidApps has now made dApps even easier to build, cheaper to operate, and versatile enough to leverage the strengths of different blockchain platforms. These developments are helping to engineer a blockchain ecosystem that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

About LiquidApps

LiquidApps was founded by blockchain industry veterans, with previous experience ranging from cryptography to homeland security. The company is dedicated to building tools and services for developers that make the dream of usable, scalable, cost-effective dApps a reality. The DAPP Network, created by LiquidApps, is a decentralized second-layer solution that can potentially be used across all blockchains to place powerful services at developers’ disposal.

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Dan Edelstein

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