Jacques Poujade is Featured in a New Interview on SkippingStonesDesign.com

During the Interview, Poujade Discussed How LendPlus Has Revolutionized the Real Estate Industry by Accepting Cryptocurrency

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2019 / Jacques Poujade, the Managing Partner of LendPlus, is pleased to announce that he was recently featured in an in-depth interview on SkippingStonesDesign.com.

To read the full interview in its entirety, please visit http://www.skippingstonesdesign.com/tips/jacques-poujade-talks-about-how-lendplus-revolutionised-the-real-estate-industry-by-accepting-cryptocurrency-for-mortgage-payments/.

The main focus of the interview centered on how LendPlus has revolutionized the real estate industry by accepting cryptocurrency for mortgage payments. With this in mind, the interviewer started off by asking Poujade what inspired his company to start offering this option.

As Poujade noted, LendPlus has always focused on trying to provide as many solutions as possible for their valued customers. For most people, paying a mortgage is by far the largest bill they have each month.

In addition, the team at LendPlus understands that while there are many people who own at least a small amount of cryptocurrency, at the moment it can be challenging to spend it on anything of value.

“Cryptocurrency is something we feel is the future of paying for things around the globe. What better way to show our commitment than to offer this before anyone else?” Poujade noted, adding that currently, LendPlus lets people pay their mortgage with Bitcoin and LiteCoin. As Poujade explained, in addition to being two of the most popular cryptocurrencies that are currently available, the majority of people seem to be very comfortable using them-something that is very important for the team at LendPlus.

When asked to predict the future of cryptocurrency as a form of payment for other bills and major purchases, Poujade said while change can be difficult for many people in the short term, over time he feels more companies will follow in LendPlus’ footsteps.

“It just makes a lot of sense for people, especially those who were able to invest early on and make a sizable profit,” Poujade said, adding that paying a mortgage with cryptocurrency is an ideal way for homeowners to invest that money again.

“It seems like a no brainer to us, and that is why our customers seem very excited.”

About Jacques Poujade:

Jacques Poujade has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry and currently serves as the Managing Partner for LendPlus, an alternative mortgage lender. Learn more about Jacques and see what he’s up to by following him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JacquesPoujade/.


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