BasicAI Announces Launch of Its Platform To Provide High-Quality Training Data for Artificial Intelligence Modeling

BasicAI provides a unified platform for training data creation and
model iteration, with 16 types of annotation available across industry

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BasicAI, a startup entrant in the training data annotation software and
services market, today announced its official launch at the
international CVPR event in Long Beach, California. CVPR is one of the
largest annual gatherings of AI professionals from around the world
covering every aspect of the Computer Vision, Machine Learning and
Artificial Intelligence industry.

BasicAI is a data solution provider with deep expertise in AI/ML data
collection and annotation. Its proprietary platform currently enables 16
types of data annotations with application to the Autonomous Driving,
Retail, Smart Home, Health Care, Security, and Education markets.
BasicAI is devoted to being a world-class annotation solutions company
with a focus on accuracy and cost-effectiveness. The company offers its
customers the choice of either fully managed or crowdsourced services
via its network of over 100,000 global annotation experts.

Labeled data is a key component of model training, validation, and
iteration for supervised learning. As global demand increases rapidly
for high-quality AI/ML training data, it is important for enterprises to
focus on cost-efficiency while maintaining high levels of accuracy. Data
security, customized workflows, and turnaround times are all key
considerations for Data Science teams, and areas where BasicAI excels.

“Human annotation solution providers have had difficulty meeting market
demands for volume, quality, security and cost,” said Tyler Schulze, CEO
of BasicAI. “Our platform represents the next generation of training
data creation, designed for maximum efficiency by utilizing a
combination of machine learning and human review, enabling BasicAI to
provide the highest quality labeled data at a fraction of historical

BasicAI has designed its data annotation platform for flexibility,
efficiency, and fast turn-around times via a simple drag-and-drop,
web-based interface for customers. To learn more please visit:

About BasicAI

BasicAI is an Orange County, CA technology company specializing in
high-quality training data solutions for the Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning industry. The BasicAI platform is a powerful suite of
software tools enabling enterprise clients to seamlessly create and
manage data labeling projects, sourced to a large global community of
expert annotators.

For more information, visit



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