Rick Rahim Discusses the Benefits of eCommerce Over Bricks-And-Mortar Business

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2019 / Building a successful business can be hard, according to Rick Rahim. But he also says entrepreneurship can be very rewarding. Rahim says the rewards can go beyond the obvious goal of creating an income. Rick is the President of BusinessVentures.com.

“You also get the satisfaction of building something from scratch, much like an artist or tradesman,” Rick says. Rahim has founded and built many multimillion dollar companies in his career.

Rick says he finds great satisfaction in creating jobs and income for the people he is able to employ. Though he hires a very diverse staff, Rahim takes great pride in never outsourcing his work to foreign countries. “I’m very proud to be a 100% USA-based company,” Rick says.

When considering what kind of business to start, Rahim says new entrepreneurs should be very careful as they evaluate the opportunity they wish to pursue.

According to Rick, a potential business owner should carefully consider what his or her goals are. More importantly, Rahim says, a new entrepreneur should be very conscious of a realistic budget for the startup. Like anything else in real life, Rick says the new entrepreneur should also plan for what happens when things go over that budget.

Rick says he always suggests home-based service businesses or online businesses to people who are new to starting their own company.

The reasons are simple according to Rahim. “You can start any service-based business from home if your business involves going to the customer to perform your service.” Rick says starting a home-based business makes the most sense versus having to sign long-term leases, and going through the costs of building out or furnishing a retail location.

“The same holds true for eCommerce,” says Rick. You can start virtually any business online on a shoestring and work from home. “With today’s technology, it is very easy to build an extremely professional presence on the Internet without having a huge upfront investment. You can set up virtual office phones and even build a team of employees who can all collaborate remotely until you are able to grow into formal office space.”

Although Rahim’s companies have scaled way beyond being home-based, Rick firmly believes any entrepreneur starting out in business should start slowly and cautiously, unless they are very well funded. Rick says “…unless you are opening a retail store — or hiring a huge staff from day one, there is really no need to enter into expensive long-term leases from day one.”

According to Rick Rahim, steady and slow will win the race. Rick suggests you start on a shoestring, and test your concept in small, incremental stages. In his opinion, if your idea is a good one, it will soon be profitable and allow you to scale with the revenue you generate.

Rick Rahim on-set with two of his sons at the Today Show in New York City

Rick Rahim is the founder and President of
BusinessVentures.com. Rick is a
helicopter and airplane pilot, volunteer, scuba diver, and author.

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