NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) is officially available in August, Leading the future with technology and building trust with security

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES / ACCESSWIRE / May 31, 2019 / Recently, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) consecutively broke through USD 3,000, 5,000 and 8,000, etc. The soaring price also motivated the recuperation of the coin circle and the chain circle, bringing blockchain again before people’s eyes. Suddenly, those who left the coin circle and the chain circle were back again, so were the spectators. It meant that the bear market was gone and the spring finally arrived. The blockchain enterprises and technologies that stood still in the cold winter further developed. At present, with the entrance of traditional capitals, the development of blockchain is believed to be bursting in the next two years.

Nonetheless, the recuperated coin circle will bring large population and constantly make daily registrations and business volumes raised at the exchange, setting higher requirements for the performance of blockchain exchanges. Take Binance as an example: the performance of the exchange was reported to be bottlenecked these days and trade and withdrawal were delayed in large system traffic, which was taboo on the rapidly changing markets. Besides, the security issue at the exchange was also concerned by everyone. After all, since 2011, digital assets in big or small volume have been stolen by hackers. In less serious cases, there were compensation and punishment; in more serious cases, they were forced to shut down. Mt. Gox in Japan announced bankruptcy in 2014 due to the ongoing hacking since it was established in 2010. Therefore, security is crucial to exchanges.

It is the tenet of NBTC Digital Asset Exchange (New BTC) to lead the future with technology, build trust with security and construct ecology with consensus, aiming at providing users with a security-based high-performance exchange.

When it comes to safety, first of all, the technology must be up to standards. NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) is an encrypted coin trading platform co-initiated by Eurasian Development Bank (U.S.), NT Digital asset exchange CA (U.S.). It focuses on blockchain asset security and is open to global users. The exchange is located in Silicon Valley with its core team technicians being experts in Google, New York Stock Exchange and Central Bank Encryption System. The strength of powerful corporate and the technical team has made it possible for NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) to build the digital exchange with the most advanced trading engine technology and the asset management level of U.S. Central Bank.

Apart from its own powerful technology to guarantee the security of digital assets, NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) has a registered capital of USD 10 million and covers insurance in equal amount pursuant to the laws of Colorado. It promises to the U.S. Federal Government to never shut down and use the USD 200 million capital stock of Europe and Asia Development Bank as unlimited liability guarantee. It strictly abides by the conventions of international exchanges to accrue risk reserves with no ceiling, which is another security guarantee of New BTC, making users trade at ease at the exchange without being afraid of asset losses.

As for trade performance, NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) is the only multi-cold wallet withdrawl system Safeone around the globe that is open to the exchange and based upon encrypted chip technology to manage the security of digital assets. As we all know, cold wallet is the technology with the highest security coefficient among all blockchain wallets. The private keys are saved in cold wallets to effectively avoid theft brought by hacking and other technical security risks. Besides, the private key to Safeone Cold Wallet is under the joint custody of multiple persons at different levels. In this case, the assets will not be affected if user loses partial private key or forgets the password, in which the loss of assets brought by missing private key and password leakage is avoided. Moreover, the operation may indirectly solve man-made management risks to guarantee the security of digital assets in large amount.

Some believe that the exchange has solved the security problems. The operations may slow down the transactions and withdrawal, but Safeone’s withdrawal system has currently passed the built-in test and the ETH transfer pressure test of 500,000 transactions. The test result shows that the times of transfer completed from one wallet reach 40,000 a day, which is 8% of the daily ETH transfer in the total test. The transfer and transaction velocities are barely affected, and the order processing velocity of NBTC Digital Assets Exchange(New BTC) is 1 million orders per second, simultaneously supporting more than 10 million person-times of online users to effectively guarantee the validity of users in the trading process.

It is reported that NBTC Digital Assets Exchange (New BTC) will be completely and officially operated online this August after completing the U.S. built-in test in April and Hong Kong open Beta test in June. According to informed sources, with security guaranteed by technology as inner core and user experience as focus, NBTC Digital Assets Exchange(New BTC) builds community ecological trust mechanism with smart contracts and presents interesting and funny daily operation as outer core, dedicated to making a global top-notch encrypted assets exchange platform. It is believed that the high-performance and high-security exchange will cast light on new market pattern of exchange and tide of development of cutting-edge technologies.


SOURCE: NT Digital asset exchange CA, LLC.

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