Kaiser Permanente’s Cynthia Telles Announces New Social Health Network

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2019 / America’s largest nonprofit integrated health system, Kaiser Permanente, is partnering with and investing in health care software company, Unite Us, to launch a new, transformative social health network, Thrive Local.

Through this network, Kaiser Permanente aims to provide the most comprehensive health care network for its members and communities. Launching as early as Summer 2019, Thrive Local will empower social service and health care providers to collaboratively address the most pressing needs of millions of Americans, including safety, housing, utilities, and food security. Referred to as “the most important and ambitious project of the year” by Dr. Cynthia Telles, Chair of the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Committee, Kaiser Permanente plans to roll out the network to all 12.3 million of its members and 68 million people in the communities it serves by 2022.

Thrive Local will enable unmatched access to a robust network of public, private, and nonprofit resources that easily pair an individual’s needs with the most befitting services. Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing holistic solutions to improve wellness and, in partnership with Unite Us, endeavors to bring a solution that encompasses physical, mental, and social care to fruition.

Thrive Local will play a fundamental role in addressing challenges highlighted by recent research conducted by Kaiser Permanente. According to this data, as many as 23 percent of Kaiser Permanente’s members worry about housing stability, and nearly 29 percent of members with the greatest medical challenges currently experience food insecurity. In order to solve these issues and others shared within communities, Thrive Local will integrate with Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health record system to expand resources to community-based organizations. Telles describes this broadening of services as a “catalyst of change in communities” that is “pivotal to the future wellness of our country.”

In addition to matching services, Thrive Local will track data on outcomes, including partner referrals and the extent to which members’ needs are fulfilled. This data will then be analyzed and used to continuously improve the platform and ultimately advance community conditions across the nation.

Kaiser Permanente hopes its partnership with Unite Us ignites a shift in the industry to embrace a community-integrated model. Through this social network, the organization aims to amplify to health care providers the importance of addressing socioeconomic needs while accelerating services and connections to resources.

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SOURCE: Kaiser Permanente

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