Record Producer Lindsay Guion and Artist Maycee Bring a Fresh Twist to R&B/Hip-Hop

Lindsay Guion, founder, global chairman & CEO of GMUSIC secures his spot as a relevant force in the entertainment industry by teaming up with artist Maycee for upcoming sophomore project

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2019 / Lindsay Guion and GMUSIC, have joined forces with Maycee to create a new business model of recording, distributing, and publishing in the R&B/Hip-Hop industry. GMUSIC is currently responsible for over a half-billion total music streams on streaming platforms, with this number continuously growing daily. GMUSIC and Maycee are currently in the production stages of her upcoming sophomore project which will deal with themes of love and sexuality. The DC-native Maycee started her musical career at a young age – her grandmother, mother, and father were all seasoned singers – drawing inspiration from artists such as Anita Baker, Lauryn Hill, and Aaliyah.

With a single listen to any of Maycee’s songs it is evident that she has been heavily influenced from classic R&B while drawing her own unique sounds stemming from her vast musical knowledge. Maycee writes heart-felt and thought-provoking music that discuss topics such as love; all while bringing a tasteful and genuine sound with every project she approaches. Maycee discovered her gift for the rap genre when she collaborated with singer-songwriter Raheem
DeVaughan who produced her first solo foray. Maycee stated that “The sophomore project deals with what the old me would have done but who the new me is.

I want to be that authentic artist that creates timeless music for everyone and who opens doors for others struggling with expressing their sexuality. I’ve been through a lot…but all I know is love. I mean, my parents have been together for 28 years. So, I write about love… and me.” Under new management + direction, and with a specific goal in mind, Maycee and Guion will quickly cement their role as industry innovators and moguls.

About Lindsay Guion

While attending both Georgetown and Harvard Lindsay Guion took his passion of management and producing to the music industry, developing the music company GMUSIC.

Despite his studies in law, Guion has been making serious waves in the industry. As a personal manager working alongside Grammy award-winning artists, songwriters, and producers, Guion is exposed to some of the most influential titans of the entertainment world which he actively learns from. Lindsay Guion hopes to expand his knowledge of current trends and technology to continue revolutionizing the entertainment industry and continue to climb charts and become the titan he aspires to be.





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