Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert C. Merton Joins Gregg Fisher’s ‘The Q Factor’ Podcast to Sound Alarm on Retirement Funding

Gerstein Fisher Founder’s Podcast Examines How Data and Analytical
Thinking Is Revolutionizing the World Inside and Outside of Finance

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gregg Fisher, Portfolio Manager and Head of Research at investment
management firm Gerstein Fisher, recently launched ‘The
Q Factor
,’ a podcast series consisting of conversations with leading
quantitative thinkers from all corners of our economy who explore the
remarkable ways in which data and quantitative analysis are shaping the
modern world. His latest guest, Dr. Robert C. Merton, who received the
Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997, sounds the alarm about what he sees as
the next great financial crisis: retirement.

On ‘The Q Factor,’ Dr. Merton discusses his early career as well as his
pioneering use of data on pricing derivatives with Myron Scholes. He and
Mr. Fisher move on to discuss the definition of a good retirement, the
myths of return assumptions, the importance of saving, and how the move
to defined contribution plans from defined benefits plans has affected
the retirement calculus. He also notes a fundamental misunderstanding on
the part of would-be retirees, propagated in large part by the financial

“When it comes to retirement, some people think that in the long run
they don’t really have risk in the equity markets, and that if they stay
around long enough, stocks will surely realize the returns expected from
them, and thus, be enough to retire on,” says Dr. Merton. “But look at
Japan–a large, stable wealthy country, its stock market is 42% lower
today than at its peak… 29 years ago. There’s nothing that guarantees
equities will go up– let alone realize their expected return—even
over a generation. You might respond that over the long term US stocks
have always outperformed, but the U.S. has been a special case over the
last hundred years. If you know for sure which country will be the
leading global economy in a hundred years, then by all means invest in
that stock market, but I think a more measured approach based on real
data is the way forward.”

Guests on ‘The Q Factor’ have included innovators, politicians, and
business leaders, but the format is not limited to any discipline. As a
pioneer in data-driven investment strategies, Gregg is interested in
exploring any field or discipline where data is changing and shaping the
conversation. Upcoming guests include Andrew Ang, Head of Factors,
Blackrock; Satish Tripathi, Data Scientist and President, University of
Buffalo; and Jesse Redniss, Chief Data Officer, Turner. Past guests have
included Ethan Roeder, National Director for Barack Obama’s presidential
campaigns (Data Meets the Midterms); and Anne Milgram, former
Attorney General of New Jersey (Finding Justice Through Data).

“With ‘The Q Factor,’ I am exploring how big data and quantitative
analysis have been upending every aspect of our world with the people at
the forefront of this movement,” says Mr. Fisher. “I believe we all
become smarter, and better investors and citizens as we see these tides
of change more clearly.”

You can listen and subscribe to ‘The
Q Factor
’ on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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