MACOM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Collaborate to Scale Silicon Photonics to Hyperscale Cloud Data Center and 5G Network Buildouts

  • Collaborative agreement expands existing relationship, to deliver
    requisite cost, scale and capacity to enable mainstream L-PIC
    deployment for 100G, 400G and beyond
  • Multi-source supply chain leveraging GF’s global manufacturing
    footprint in Singapore and New York
  • Production scale of 300mm wafers is expected to enable exponential
    port growth in cloud Data Centers and 5G networks

Technology Solutions Inc.
(“GF”) today announced a strategic collaboration to ramp MACOM’s
innovative Laser Photonic Integrated Circuit (L-PIC) platform using GF’s
current-generation silicon photonics offering, 90WG, to meet Data Center
and 5G Telecom industry demands. The collaboration will leverage GF’s
300mm silicon manufacturing process to deliver requisite cost, scale and
capacity that is expected to enable mainstream L-PIC deployment for
hyperscale Data Center interconnects and 5G network deployments at 100G,
400G and beyond.

GF’s 90WG, built on the company’s 90nm SOI technology using 300mm wafer
processing, enables low-cost integration of optical devices like
modulators, multiplexers and detectors into a single silicon substrate.
MACOM’s L-PIC technology solves the remaining key challenge of aligning
lasers to the silicon PIC. Leveraging MACOM’s patented Etched Facet
Technology (EFT) lasers and a patented Self-Alignment EFT (SAEFTTM)
process, MACOM’s lasers are aligned and attached directly to the silicon
photonics die with high speed and high coupling efficiency, thereby
accelerating the adoption of silicon photonics in true industrial-scale

The industry is entering a long upgrade cycle for high speed optical
connectivity within Cloud Data Centers as well as 5G optical buildouts.
Industry forecasts project 2019, 2020 and beyond to be strong growth
years for Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) and PAM-4, with
the potential for overall unit demand in 2019, reaching volumes of 10
million units. With a track record of enabling 1.6 million ports in
2016, 4 million ports in 2017, and 6 million ports in 2018, MACOM will
work with GF to scale L-PIC production aimed at meeting this
exponentially growing market demand.

“With the demand for bandwidth doubling inside Data Centers each year,
Cloud Service Providers are supply constrained in moving to 100G and
beyond. On top of this, Telecom carriers are now adopting the same CWDM
and PAM-4 optical standards for their 5G Network buildouts. The ability
to efficiently scale transceiver capacity and manufacturing throughput
is critical,” said John Croteau, President and CEO of MACOM. “By
aligning capacity expansion between GF’s silicon photonics technology
and MACOM’s EFT Lasers, and moving to 300mm wafers, we believe that this
very strategic collaboration will allow us to meet industry demand and
position us to service the industry for years to come.”

“We have built an incredible foundation as a leader in providing silicon
photonic solutions and advanced packaging capabilities that enable our
clients to build a new generation of high-performance optical
interconnects,” said Tom Caulfield, CEO at GF. “With our deep
manufacturing expertise, combined with MACOM’s strong technology, we can
deliver differentiated silicon photonic solutions at scale, accelerate
time-to-market, and reduce costs for client applications in Data Center
and next-generation 5G optical networks.”

About MACOM:

MACOM enables a better-connected and safer world by delivering
breakthrough semiconductor technologies for optical, wireless and
satellite networks that satisfy society’s insatiable demand for

Today, MACOM powers the infrastructure that millions of lives and
livelihoods depend on every minute to communicate, transact business,
travel, stay informed and be entertained. Our technology increases the
speed and coverage of the mobile Internet and enables fiber optic
networks to carry previously unimaginable volumes of traffic to
businesses, homes and Data Centers.

Keeping us all safe, MACOM technology enables next-generation radars for
air traffic control and weather forecasting, as well as mission success
on the modern networked battlefield.

MACOM is the partner of choice to the world’s leading communications
infrastructure, aerospace and defense companies, helping solve their
most complex challenges in areas including network capacity, signal
coverage, energy efficiency and field reliability, through its
best-in-class team and broad portfolio of analog RF, microwave,
millimeterwave and photonic semiconductor products.

MACOM is a pillar of the semiconductor industry, thriving for more than
60 years of daring to change the world for the better, through bold
technological strokes that deliver true competitive advantage to
customers and superior value to investors.

Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, MACOM is certified to the
ISO9001 international quality standard and ISO14001 environmental
management standard. MACOM has design centers and sales offices
throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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About GF:

GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) is a leading full-service foundry delivering truly
differentiated semiconductor technologies for a range of high-growth
markets. GF provides a unique combination of design, development, and
fabrication services, with a range of innovative IP and feature-rich
offerings including FinFET, FDX™, RF and analog mixed signal. With a
manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GF has the
flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of clients across the
globe. GF is owned by Mubadala Investment Company. For more information,


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